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About Me

I’m an experienced software engineer with 4+ years of professional programming experience working with a vast array of technologies. Developing an outstanding, reliable and up-to-standard software solutions is my passion. I am quick to learn new technologies and always looking for exciting new projects. Honesty, quick turnaround time, innovation during work are some qualities most of my clients admires of me.

Before starting my work, I always gather full requirement and understand the project in detail so that I can give my clients a perfect time schedule for the project. I am very flexible in working time and communications. I can follow all your requirements and can recommend good solutions to do the job effectively.


Front-End Development
React.js, Vue.js, EJS, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, LESS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Bulma.css, WordPress
Back-End Development
Node.js, PHP Laravel, Serverless, REST API, GraphQL, MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Mobile App Development
React Native, Flutter, Ionic


Physis Investment
AIC Dashboard
WTC Travel Website
Clipman App
Next Level Fairs Site
Instatuition Learning Patform